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Our Trip to Juarez!

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Juarez, Mexico and spend three days working in the community. During our trip, we built a house for an impoverished family of five, visited an orphanage, prepared and served a meal for the community, improved our "spanglish,"and played a lot of soccer!

We're very proud to say that Sweet Bee Sisters finically contributed to the trip, helping to cover the cost of the building materials for the house through our special "Lips for Juarez" lip balms! Thank you to everyone who bought a "Lips for Juarez" lip balm! Your support was SO appreciated!

We were so humbled by the kindness and generosity of the Mexican people who welcomed us with open arms! We went to Mexico hoping to give what we could to the people there, but we found ourselves absorbing their gifts of friendship, wisdom, and laughter! We will forever cherish the memories of the Juarez trip, 2016!

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