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Our Story

Sweet Bee Sisters is owned and operated by the Warren sisters, Chloe (22), Sophie (19), and Phoebe (11). The oldest Warren sister, Lily, recently stepped back from the business. 


We began our entrepreneurial journey in 2009, shortly after our family started beekeeping. We were extremely excited with the prospect of turning the beekeeping project into a honey business! However, we soon learned that our hives only produced enough honey to supply our hungry family and a handful of neighbors, but that there was a surprising and intriguing bee by-product: beeswax. Was there something we could do with the beeswax so it wasn’t wasted? With the popularity of beeswax lip balm, we quickly started researching recipes. We wanted natural ingredients and a great consistency. We made a few batches and people loved it! Our parents thought a lip balm business would be a wonderful learning experience. We ordered all the necessary items to produce our lip balms on a larger scale and we were off and running!


Over the years we’ve made all kinds of changes here and there to our business: EXPANDING our product line, DEVELOPING more great flavors, IMPROVING our brand, BUILDING a large network of loyal customers, and PARTNERING with awesome companies for custom orders!


Being in business as Sweet Bee Sisters is awesome. We’re learning a ton about business, working together as sisters, and providing great products to appreciative customers! We can’t wait to see where this all leads!

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